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The Kingdom Series – Quick Review

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

I just finished reading Chuck Black’s Kingdom Series books with my nine-year old son. He really liked them and so did I.

The series is an allegory of the Bible, starting in Genesis and going all the way through Revelation. The story takes place in the realm of Arrethtrae. The main characters are Knights of the King and Knights of the Prince.

My son liked it because it had knights, swords and battles, but he also liked it because it is a well-told story. He saw the Biblical narrative throughout and commented on it as we read the books aloud.

I would recommend the series to anyone, either to read themselves or to read with their children. Older children and teenagers would enjoy the series too.

I am listing the six books in the series below in their chronological order.

Kingdom's Dawn (Kingdom, Book 1) by Chuck Black

Kingdom's Hope (Kingdom, Book 2) by Chuck Black

Kingdom's Edge (Kingdom, Book 3) by Chuck Black

Kingdom's Call (Kingdom, Book 4) by Chuck Black

Kingdom's Quest (Kingdom, Book 5) by Chuck Black

Kingdom's Reign (Kingdom, Book 6) by Chuck Black

Definitely check them out.

(Any book with a link may contain an affiliate link. I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you, but I only recommend books and resources I would use.)

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