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What Can I Use to Teach the Bible and Faith to Older Children?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We have covered the when and how of teaching our children the Bible (you can read those posts here and here). We have also covered teaching the Bible to younger children (that post is available here). Now, let's look at what we can use to teach the Bible to our older children. When I refer to older children, I am speaking about children ten years old and up.

When they reach this age, it is good that they hear directly from the Bible by either listening to it being read or reading it themselves. The goal is to begin to immerse them in the Word of God so they hear it for themselves. If they have read through story Bibles in the past, they will recognize many of the texts, but now they will see how it fits within the context of the book of the Bible (remember that context is key).

What I do at the moment with my children is alternate between reading a book from the Bible (frequently the gospels, Acts, Psalms, and other books) and reading other materials like missionary biographies or church history types of material. It provides a bit of variety to our devotional times as well as allows for discussion points from history and faith. We get to see how God has worked in the lives of believers at different points in history and in different contexts. We will read a chapter of the Bible or of a biography or apologetic work each devotional time.

I have read several missionary biographies which were really good. YWAM Publishing has a great catalog of missionary biographies and we have read a few of them.

We also use either Operation World or Window on the World each evening in addition to our devotional reading.

These two resources contain information on countries, people groups, and ways to pray for specific parts of the world. Operation World also has a neat app which is how we frequently used the resource. We usually get the globe out to find out where each country or people group and identify who they are near.

These resources are extremely helpful because they show us the great need of the gospel throughout the world. It gets us outside of our own community and cultural bubble and reminds us of the blessings and resources the Lord has given us. Going through these books also challenges us because as we see the resources and biblical knowledge given to us by the Lord, we need to actively use those resources for His kingdom and glory.

There are many great resources, but these are few that we use. Remember, the key is to start have conversations with your children regardless of their age and to model biblical learning for them.

P.S. You can find additional ways to equip and disciple your children in my book, Leading Well at Home: How Husbands and Fathers Can Biblically Lead Their Families. Buy it in our store here.

*The book links above are affiliate links. If you click on it, I may get a small payment from the retailer at no cost to you. I only recommend books I would read or have read to my children.

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